BS Group is a full service parking management company that meet the requirement of various clients for providing the valet parking. we also offer bouncing services for cinemas,clubs,Function,Corporates & many pother occasions.Located at Ludhiana,Our services help the guests to park their vehicles safely and efficiently.Further,our professionals ensure that the vehicles are park in the effective manner so that maximum utilization of space is achieved with their easy retrieval.We ensure that the perssonel reach to place in time with proper dress code and maintain the descipline & docorum while on duty.We recruit talented professionals,who can deliver a competent services to the targeted market.All our employers are specially trained to use state of the art technology to administer & manage the business. We also welcome all sort of inquiries for bulk taxi services.We are capable to provide any number of taxi/cabs at customer’s disposal.


Visit Website:-http://valetparkingludhiana.in/


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